Industrial Seals

O-Rings and Collars

Adriagomm offers a wide range of sizes, from the traditional english ones (1.78/2.62/3.53/5.34/6.99) to a great variety of metric wire ropes; our warehouse is stocked with two types of black O-rings: NBR70 and FKM70 available in all sizes; we also offer a considerable range of seals made of different materials such as SILICONE, EPDM and […]

Products Manufactured within Pressing Cycles according to Specific Requirements/Drawings

We offer our customers the possibility to fully customize their product such as frames, membrane seals, adjustable chocks, bellows, hoods and mechanical components: we consider this as our flagship.

Sheared Seals and Components

Contrary to popular belief, the seals’ shearing process is far from simple: the greatest difficulties arise particularly when the manufacturer’s intention to develop and ensure quality and unique products has been clearly stated.

Sealing Rings

Over recent years, these special sealing rings, commonly defined as “stem oil seals”, have been going through considerable technological changes that deeply modified both the construction methods and the quality of the materials employed.

Drawn Seals

Profiles made of vulcanized and expanded rubber can be applied within different areas: ever new sections and shapes offer excellent alternative solutions in order to perfectly meet our customers requirements.