Sealing Rings

Over recent years, these special sealing rings, commonly defined as “stem oil seals”, have been going through considerable technological changes that deeply modified both the construction methods and the quality of the materials employed. Our standard products are represented by rubber-metal rings equipped with sealing lip and load spring: these products can be realized by using different types of mixtures such as NBR, FKM and VMQ (the most common ones) available in black, brown/green and red. In addition to this, Adriagomm plans and develops specific products such as steel and PTFE cases (mono- and bi- lip), V-RING seals, closing caps, etc: within the manufacturing cycles of these particular products, we ensure a completely free planning in accordance to our customer requirements and projects.

Technological Products

Made of quality raw materials

Pressing cycles with different types of mixtures

NBR, FKM and VMQ available in black, brown/green and red

Completely free planning

Within the pressing cycles of specific products