PTFE Components

The properties and characteristics of materials such as TEFLON® or P.T.F.E. are known all over the world: these are plastic materials (frequently sintered in neutral coloring, i.e. white) that offer an excellent resistance to high temperatures (up to 300°); moreover, they do not alter their properties when making contact with a number of aggressive substances such as acidic, alkaline and solvent solutions. Thanks to their particular non-toxic features, they can be employed within a number of application areas such as the chemical and healthcare sectors; these materials share excellent insulating qualities which ensure an optimal usage within the power sector.
TEFLON® and P.T.F.E. are auto-lubricating materials both characterized by a great mechanical resistance that offers an excellent performance level within the mechanical engineering. We always give the closest attention to our products: our staff carefully checks both small plots and large industrial supplies in order to provide the customer with an excellent performance level within all the application areas. In accordance with our customers specific requirements and projects, Adriagomm produces any industrial components: from simple washers, anti-extrusion rings and scrapers to particular elements that ensure a perfect tightness when submitted to specific stresses in terms of pressure.

Highly resistant products and materials

Excellent resistance to high temperatures (up to 300°)

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When in contact with aggressive substances

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