Products Manufactured within Pressing Cycles according to Specific Requirements/Drawings

We offer our customers the possibility to fully customize their product such as frames, membrane seals, adjustable chocks, bellows, hoods and mechanical components: we consider this as our flagship. We plan and develop our products by using all the mixtures offered by the elastomers market such as NBR,EPDM,SILICONE,FKM,HNBR, NR and other specific variants. Our products are realized within special injection moulding cycles that allow us to achieve an efficient production optimization, thereby ensuring consistently high quality and long-lasting products. Our company is always at the full disposal of the customer for any clarification concerning the raw materials to use and information about the manufacturing cycles, always ensuring professionalism and expertise. With regard to the foreign market, we offer a great availability of certified elastomers: in case of lack of a specific homologation, it will be our singular aim to get the paperwork started in order to obtain the certifications required as soon as possible.

Our products are available in different types of mixtures

We use different types of elastomers such as NBR,EPDM,SILICONE,FKM,HNBR,NR and other specific variants

Special injection moulding cycles

High quality and long-lasting products

Certified elastomers

Our products are merchandised within the principal European capitals