O-Rings and Collars

Adriagomm offers a wide range of sizes, from the traditional english ones (1.78/2.62/3.53/5.34/6.99) to a great variety of metric wire ropes; our warehouse is stocked with two types of black O-rings: NBR70 and FKM70 available in all sizes; we also offer a considerable range of seals made of different materials such as SILICONE, EPDM and HNBR available in different hardness levels. Our Qualitative Standard requires an 1.0 AQL (i.e. the Acceptable Quality Level) on all the products in our warehouse, thereby ensuring a safe material use within the assembly operations: in this way, the safety of our production cycles is 100% verifiable through regular visual inspections. We use different types of mixtures in compliance with the regulations determined by major international institutions such as KTW, DVGW, FDA, WRC, ACS etc. Moreover, Adriagomm offers a number of collars perfectly suitable for reciprocating engines within the tyre and oleo-dynamic area and other types of rubber seals such as DE, DEM, DI, DIM, U, UM, H and C. Customers always come first: upon request we produce special collars by using specific mixtures specially developed to perfectly match specific application fields; these are no defective products subject to constant and very strict inspections in order to ensure safer and more durable application systems.

High qualitative standard

1.0 AQL on all the products in our warehouse

Different types of mixtures

Compliance with international regulations determined by KTW, DVGW, FDA, WRC and ACS

Our products can be fully customized

Special collars made of particular mixtures suitable for different application areas